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By October 23, 2014NFL

Don’t have too much to say but I will say this now that we are at the turning point of the NFL and fantasy football season. If you are sitting at 0-7 it’s easy to throw your hands in the air like Tao Cruz and scream “Hey-ho gotta let go.” Yes, chances of you making the postseason are dim. Hell I’m not even going to lie as I am guilty of “forgetting” about league due to it just not being fun anymore. I get it. What’s the point?? Well, your league mates need you to play it out so the integrity of the league remains in tack. Yes, playing spoiler isn’t fun but it’s playing for something. Take pride in your fantasy football team that’s 0-7 as this just wasn’t your year. Look at it this way throw matches from this point on and you will negatively affect your fantasy football juju for next year and for years to come. If anything play hard to the finish so that your fantasy football juju gets a positive boost for the following year. It’s difficult, I know but it’s necessary to play like your 7-0 even though you’re 0-7. Be Bold and Have fun.

At the bottom of this post are my rankings. A little something extra for you I will be grouping offensive skill positions and color coding them from most comfortable to least comfortable on placing into my starting lineup this week. Hope it provides some clarity to some of the players I am high/low on this week. Please also check out this week’s “Perusing the Perimeter” Podcast on @ProjectRoto Radio with my co-host @SlimCliffy for more Week Eight analysis.


Zach Mettenberger – You have to be pretty desperate to start the rookie starter for the Titans this week..but considering his surrounding pieces(Wright/Hunter/Walker/Sankey) and the matchup those in 2QB/DFS/Dynasty leagues will take a long look at him.

Matt Stafford – Without Megatron he just isn’t the same gunslinger (9AM start sucks too)


Running Backs

Tre Mason and Denard Robinson –Both exploded on to the scene last week in a big way taking the majority of the carries for their respective teams in the Rams and Jaguars. I like the latter a tad bit more but the opportunity of 15-20 carries a game from a fantasy football standpoint can’t be ignored for great value down the stretch as “workhorse” running backs are hard to come by especially this time of year.


Wide Receivers

Percy Harvin-I don’t know how Percy Harvin v Eric Decker in Week 8 is a debate. Yes, I am a huge fan of Percy but it’s completely unrealistic to expect him to pick up the majority of the offense in a week’s time. I’d lean Decker this week and every week moving forward until target distribution proves me otherwise.

Redskins WRs – DJax and Pierre Garcon will be receiving passes from the 3rd string in Colt McCoy this week. This on a Monday night downgrades the entire team on offense. Unless you completely have no choice to start one of the players on this team come Monday I’d avoid and go with an alternative upside option playing on Sunday.


Tight Ends

Jimmy Graham – Last week we saw him suit up and was told his snaps and action would be limited. Given his importance to the offense he played but in a decoy role. With all eyes being on New Orleans on Sunday Night if he is active, you start him. Doubt he plays a decoy role this week.

Good luck to you all in Week Eight and remember….Trust your gut!!…everyone in the fantasy community including myself claim to know it all but at the end of the day it’s your team and your job to soak in all information and make the best calls for your team…Thank you for reading do not forget to check out my Fantasy Sports and Real Sports podcast “Perusing the Perimeter” Week Eight show with @SlimCliffy on @ProjectRoto Radio Network also available on I-Tunes.

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