Second Half Catcher Rankings

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Now that we’ve all been able to get over the travesty of Adam Wainwright giving Derek Jeter “a couple pipe shots” (sounds dirty), it’s time to buckle up for the second half.

There’s only a month and a half left until the playoffs start for those of you in head-to-head leagues. You’re about to cross the “you’re screwed” line if you’re lagging behind in certain categories in roto leagues. And you’re about a month from the trade deadline no matter what kind of league you play in.

Heading into the second half, I usually like to take stock of my team and identify where I have statistical strengths/positional excess and where I have statistical weaknesses/positional deficiencies. After that, I figure out who I want to trade and then I’ll go around my league and start identifying players who I want to target. Once I do that, it’s easy to start firing off some trades (fair trades…don’t be a jerk) that will set me up better for the second half. I can’t help you with the taking stock of your team part, but I can help you with figuring out which players to target.

I spent the All-Star break watching WNBA looking at a bunch of first half stats/trends and cleaning up my Second Half Rankings. I’ve gone player-by-player and dug through their stats to help inform these rankings, so I promise these didn’t come from my Magic-8 Ball. I’ll be positing these position-by-position over the next week, so that you can use them to figure out player value and who you should target at each position.

To start, let’s go with one of my “favorite” positions (the one that I usually call the kicker of fantasy baseball)…Catcher.

As there always is, there’s been a bit of shakeup among the Top 10 if you compare the preseason rankings to what actually happened. And as it always does, the day has gone to the owner who didn’t spend a top pick on a catcher. After Lucroy and Mesoraco, there isn’t a TON of differentiation between the 3rd-ranked catcher to-date (Gattis) and the 10th-ranked catcher to-date (Suzuki) and four of the Top 10 catchers to date weren’t even drafted in most leagues.

Note: The rankings below reflect what I think will happen going forward (hence, Second Half Rankings)…not what I think the final season-long rankings will end up being. First half stats have obviously influenced my thinking, but my rankings also reflect numbers that I’ve used to predict second half stats. Lastly, I tried to put in some notes to explain my rankings below, but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

Check my rankings out here

What do you think? Who do I have too high? Who do I have too low? Are they perfect?

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